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MWA Newsletter 

Welcome to our News Letter which we hope will be informative with regard to what MWA are currently involved with and whats on the horizon. 

Who would have thought it? 

2019 New Years Eve, the booze was flowing, folk were merry and we were all looking forward to a better year in 2020, as usual most of us made New Year Resolutions that we could'nt keep and some folk were extatic at the thought of being free from the European Union, then on January 29th BOOM along came Covid-19 "AND THE REST AS THEY SAY IS HISTORY.." 
"Work from home" - "Don't work from home" 
"Dont go out" - "Go out" 
"Don't Eat out" - "Eat out to help out" 
"Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives" 
"Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives" 
And the Government decided that they needed to tell us (the great British unwashed) how to wash our hands!!!!!! 
Donald Trump said it would be over in a couple of weeks, eight months later over 250,000 of his fellow countrymen are dead as a result of the virus, but who really believes anything that he says? Apart from the 73 million Americans who voted for him!!!! 
We have "An Oven Ready Brexit Deal" and here we are on the edge crashing out of the EU without a deal... 
Who Would have thought it.............. 

"With the help and assistance of MWA you can worry less and live more" 

So what have we at MWA been up to this year ? 

Tendering, Cost Planning, Site Measures and Valuations, Value Engineering, Contract Administration to name but a few of the services in our tool box have been called upon by Private Clients, Main Contractors, Sub Contractors, local Authorities and General Builders. New Clients have come along which is great and welcomed. It's been weird working remotely with very few opertunities to have face to face meetings, "Zoom" and "Teams" video meetings seem to be the new normal but they lack the personal touch we pride ourselves on. To encourage the team we thought about getting some new coffee mugs for the "Home Offices" (or as Martin was calling them "Regional Offices") 

Westfield Shopping Centre has over 98,000 holes !! 

NA Curtain Walling complete the design and install of perforated feature rainscreen to entrance of the Village Mall, Westfield.  
MWA continue to provide commercial support services to our friends at "NA" on this exciting and ongoing Projects, not all of NA's work has so many holes in it, but this is a good example of just a small part of their contract with Westfield. 

"You cant go back on a project to make a better start, but with MWA we can start to make you a better ending" 

Metal Yapi (UK) NA Curtain Walling JV hits the London Facade Market 

The joint venture between Metal Yapi (UK) Limited and NA Curtain Walling Limited has resulted in a new name on the UK Facade scene, so far the JV has secured a Contract in Shoreditch London and it looks like Phase 1 & 2 and Phase 3a Chelsea Barracks is nearing signing on the dotted line. MWA assisted Peter Walker (Metal Yapi (UK) Managing Director) with contractual advice and opinion on amending and re-drafting the Contract Documents. 
Fantastic effort, well deserved, and massively exciting times lay ahead for the JV - WELL DONE 

What is it about big houses ? 

Here at MWA we love working on "big houses", and when you have a client that seems to be receiving enquiries for "big houses" on a regular basis it would be unthinkable if we did not price them up for him. Our success rate is nearing 80% so the thinking is "we are in the right field on these" 

Contracts Exchanged - Completion 17th June 2016 

One of our developer clients has just exchanged contracts on a development of 27 flats and 2 commercial units in South East London following on from our viability study which is fantastic news - once the deal is finalised MWA will be undertaking the entire commercial function on this 15 month build project, so we are on the lookout for quality Package Contractors. Claire and the Procurement Team will be very busy getting the best possible deals, the QS's will be grinding out every last penny on the valuations on this really exciting Project. 

At MWA we always try to stand out from the crowd. 

Can you spot Martin Warren in the picture? Shall we give you a clue? Ok, he's not the chap holding the Match Ball !! Pink Corduroy trousers tastefully accompanied by a stylish Tweed coat completed the "Country Gent" look. This had to be the chosen dress for the day at Fratton Park as the "Cords" were the result of an offer by Nolan Bird and Robbie Welch "if you can get us a result on this Martin we will buy you a pair of Pink Cords and a Crushed Velvet Smoking Jacket" Still waiting for the Crushed Velvet Smoking Jacket (46-48 Inch Chest/Long please) Thanks Nolan and Robbie it was a blast of a day. 

Naanovo one step closer to securing Kenya PV Power Plant 

Great news arrived in the MWA office this week, Naanovo have received a draft EPC Contract to design and build a new Photovoltaic Power Station in Kenya. MWA will be undertaking a complete review of the Contract Terms and Conditions, it's taken a long time to get this far, funding and local land issues coupled with Government Departments in Kenya have all added to the complexity of this project but hopefully Naanovo will be "breaking ground" at sometime this year. Site visits should be fun!!!! 

"Talent" wins games, but "Teamwork" wins championships 

For the fist time ever MWA has over £1/2 million of Fee Proposals issued in a month (and its only the 17th) so with a success rate of slightly over 50% we could be very busy. So what is our secret to success? Being Honest, Exceeding our clients expectations, Responding to their needs and going that extra mile. The Company Moto is "Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest, Until your good is better and your betters best" and it's staying that way. Thanks to Claire Warren, Craig betters, Craig Burns, Becca Stocks for all of your hard work. 

And when you need support or a helping hand give us a call on 01252-939469 

Villecrest Construction progressing but variations have caused delays.... 

In the favoured words used in our industry "It's getting there". Villecrest Construction are progressing well on the complete remodeling of the Lodge House but the contract sum of £450,000 has been increased through variations (changing the scope from a shell and core contract to a complete re-modeling project) to a projected Final Account of £650,000 
Delays have been recorded and MWA have commenced work on an Extension of Time application. Interestingly enough only 3/4 of the original measured works has been completed and yet the Contract Completion Date has already been exceeded, thank goodness that the Contract Administrator has been kept in the loop by us with regard to the delays. The finished project will be stunning thanks to continued quality control by Gary Taylor of Lazard Architecture and Villecrest's high standard of finish. 

To Brexit or not to Brexit, that is the question. 

As with every other industry, the Construction Industry has a variety of views on the prospect of Brexit, and we think it's necessary for us to have views at our disposal before making our mark on the ballot sheet. 
A Survey by Smith & Williamson recently found that only 15% of Construction Executives favoured a UK exit from the EU.  
So looking back in history the UK's Canals and Railways were built using "Irish Navies" hence the amount of Irish Groundworkers and Civil Engineering Companies in the UK. looking to the present, most of the Curtain Walling Fixers are Eastern European, we wont mention Polish Bricklayers , Persimmon Homes brainwave to import Polish Bricklayers on mass showed that was not a good move. So the skills shortage has always been filled in our industry by migrant labour The first major issue is access to labour, without which the construction industry would be unable to function. The industry relies heavily on foreign workers to fill both skilled and non-skilled job roles, and always has done. This, of course, is nothing new. There's evidence to show that the architects of the Pyramids of Giza created incentives to entice labourers from all over Egypt to come and work for them. 
And what have we been told by the "Leave Campaign" to be honest not a lot, Lord Banford (of JCB fame) has stated "The EU is a burden on our business and it’s easier selling to North America than to Europe sometimes." This frighteningly insightful interjection by the respectful Lord has everything to do with exporting and nothing to do with domestic sales or the import of Materials from Europe. 
The big problem is the Head tells you one thing and the Heart tells you another - but one thing is for sure June 24th will tell us if all the bricklayers in the country will be migrating to America to build "The Trump Wall" if he becomes the President of the United States in November!!!! 

Stark Property Developments are progressing well on their projects 

4 Apartments - Surbiton 

The basement as finally been completed on this very tight site, in fact almost the entire site is taken up by the building footprint. Stark are using a new system of walling called "Poroherm" on this development (the technical literature says that a bricklayer can lay 30m2 a day, lets see if that's true!!) 
Stark are due to complete this project in early October this year as required by the Contract despite delays due to Party Wall issues which arose after the Contract Start Date. MWA are providing Contract Administration, Quantity Surveying, Planning and full Procurement services to Stark on this JCT Intermediate with Contractors Design Contract 

Refurbishment of 3 Mews Houses in Ecclestone Mews, Belgravia 

The new roofs are now on, the new basements are nearing structural completion, all internal walls and floors have been removed - next the new concrete 1st floors, new internal walls, partitions and custom made windows - oh and then there is the high quality finishings... MWA are providing Contract Administration, Quantity Surveying, Planning and full Procurement services to Stark on this prestigious project. 

Streetpave Groundworks go from strength to strength - just a few of their recent projects... 

HereEast Stratford 
Imperial College London 
Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre 
MWA are proud to be associates with Streetpave Groundworks in their continues growth, success and development and we look forward to building upon our 3 year relationship with them. Bigger and Better is the word Rob and Ne-et. 

What's in the Pipeline, and on the Horizon 

Villecrest Construction 

Production of detailed BOQ's for: 
1. 2 new build semi's in Bordon 
2. New wedding and entertainment facility in Hampshire 
3. Re- Measure of Monkwood project 
4. On going Commercial Management 
5. Continues H&S support on future projects 

Samson Homes 

Land and Build Cost Viabilities on future developments, Commercial Management on Barking Project 

SGP Brickwork 

Tendering and Quantity Surveying Support on future projects 

Metal Yapi (UK) 

Contractual advice on upcoming projects 

Private Client 

Contract Administrator role for £600,000 swimming pool in Hampshire 

Rapide Developments 

Land and Build Cost Viabilities on future developments. Production of detailed BOQ for 5 units in Dorset, continues H&S support on existing projects 

JAM Properties 

Land Acquisition Viability on 2 sites in Staines Middlesex 

Ashley Groundworks 

Tendering and Quantity Surveying support on future projects 

West Synod Methodist Church 

Contract Administrator role for the extension of a Church in Hampshire 

Acre Invest 

Production of detailed BOQ for their new development in St. Albans.  
Land and Build Cost Viability for 124 Flats in Bedfordshire 
Production of detailed BOQ, Commercial Management, Planning and Subcontract Procurement on their South London development 

Streetpave Groundworks 

Commercial Management on upcoming projects 

Stamford Contracts 

Tender for circa £7 million new build house in London N2  

Paramount Apartments 

Land and Build Cost Viabilities on future projects 

Zanara Group 

Commercial Management and Subcontract Procurement - 18 Units South East London 

Meet the MWA Team and put a face to the name.... 

Martin Warren - Senior Partner 
Debbie Field - Health & Safety Manager 
Claire Warren - Partner 
Craig Heselton - Surveyor 
Becca Stocks - Marketing and Social Media 
Dan Stiles - Senior Commercial Manager 
Craig Burns - Surveyor 
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